Peeking his savory sensation of Solo

Hay culinary lovers, this time admin going to share insights regarding typical souvenirs of the famous Solo gurihnya.Nah, if we are surfing Solo travel feels incomplete if you do not buy souvenirs typical snacks city of Solo, one Intip. In terms of the Java language, voyeur is a term for rice crust.

In Solo, voyeur is processed into typical snack foods, tastes and savory original kriuk result of liwet rice crust sediment from the bottom of pot in cooking with firewood. One characteristic of the brown sugar topping KINCO or liquid on top of fried or delicate sprinkling of salt if you want salty The process of making Peek Solo arguably tricky.

First must collect the rice crust attached to the pan. Rice crust can be produced when we cook the rice in the traditional way. Ie using kendil, a kind of thick pan made of aluminum or iron. Rice crust stuck to kendil released later in the sun to dry, then fried. How to fry there is any special technique. Peek should be submerged oil that cooked through. If not, take a peek will be charred on the edges but the center is not yet mature. Peek Solo can be found in a souvenir shop in Pasar Klewer, near Market Jongke, a souvenir shop near Market Singosaren and in front of the bakery Orion. Jalan S. Parman, between Pura Pasar Legi Mangkunegara toward Solo. Prices range from 10,000 Peek Solo, – up to Rp20.000, – only.